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    Monday, August 30, 2004
    Finally, the Olympic Games is over...
    Well, the Games was a great event. China and Japan have shown that Asian can run faster than European.
    There are few things for me to remember in the Games...
    Soccer (Male)...
    Iraq has made their soccer team into the semifinal even though bombs were blasting everywhere in their country. The Iraqi couch said that they were sharing a training field with goats and cattles.
    Volleyball (Female)...
    Ekaterina Gamova, a female player from Russia is about 7 feet tall. She is cute anyway... But her couch was the big bad loser... like the broadcaster said.."He is barking at his team again..."
    A loud and long "Sighhhhhh" for Malaysia...

    Well, church is going to held a building-fund raising dinner on this coming November. I really hope it works...
    Sighhh... church member think that I like to wash dishes in the toilet... What I can do to kill my time? Sighhh...
    Just got the news that Amy is going to Ukrain to study medical... how nice... study in overseas, away from home... I wish I can go to Ukrain too... learn how to make a nuclear missile...
    One week holiday is over, what I have done? Let's see... Badminton...Add Math Project...Olympic... AVP...sleep and sleep and sleep...Zzzzzz

    It was a silly day... silly me went to do silly exercise... wasting my precious time... I rather do something that I hate to do - STUDY.

    Saturday, August 21, 2004
    Si solamente tu la lata ver, por que hacer tu salir me... Yo sensacion solitario.

    Saturday, August 14, 2004
    I didn't have a good rest yesterday. I watched the Olympic Opening Ceremony till 4am and I went to play basketball at 6am. I should have stay and play basketball with them... but then I left to play football with the church and many...errr...strangers? And it sucks. I made a mistake. A wrong decision. I feel stupid...

    Sometimes, you think you will feel best when you are with the best thing you have...
    And sometimes, you think the best thing you have is the best thing you ever had...
    And sometimes again, the best thing you have may leads you to the worst situation...

    Forfeit the game...you can't run the race...the pace is too fast...and you just won't last...

    Tired...tired...totally exhausted...
    I was browsing my PC to kill some time. And I found a zipped file.
    C:\My Folders\Vincent's Library\Secrets\pain and sorrow.zip
    Well, "pain and sorrow" contains 131 rich text documents and 2 pictures. I was, I am reluctant to remove this folder. It...was a apart of my life...and now, it is apart of my memory... memory of pain and sorrow...

    "yea..n i hope tat feeling won't fade away...i...look....u jus came in nowhere n has been a great...like half of my life...can't stop thinking bout u... or jus can't wait till i really c u...or jus expecting something great will happen...something amazing..."

    Neither something great nor amazing happened...and you have gone like a wind...

    Tuesday, August 10, 2004
    He sucks... I totally disgusted with him. Not only me, but everyone feel the same too. The girls from my class dislike him as he is the lord of perverts. Even the patient Yuen couldn't bear his arrogance and had a dispute (almost a fight) with that haughty bastard yesterday.
    I never bother to talk to this good-for-nothing since the incident. Well, I was standing somewhere and this fucking big ass came to me. He wanted to cross the place where I stood, so he used his hands to push me aside without any notice. I pushed him with anger and said, "What do you want, idiot?" He went off then...silently and cowardly like a chicken back to its mummy hen.
    He loves to use plump parts of his body to ram people and bully the weaks, he loves to use his stinking mouth to laugh at people and criticize them, he loves to use his damn-itchy hand to humiliate people and show some stupid poses. He thinks of nothing except himself... how silly...
    What kind of human dog is this? I'm still looking for a word to describe how "sohai" is you... fat ass.YY...