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    Friday, July 30, 2004
    I didn't go to school today. After completed the mission given by Sis... then I wrote something about war...sounds like essay... Oh yeah, can pass up to my tuition teacher as homework...

    Most people seem to agree that wartimes are the worst of times. Wars in the twentieth century were the most horrible of all. Even the winners of the wars suffered heavy losses. Hence, people hate war.
    The Second World War was the most horrible history of all. It was different to past wars because you weren’t safe anywhere. Bombs could blast anyone at anytime. The Second World War was started by a wicked man, Adolf Hitler who led the Nazi party won the German elections in 1933. Few years later, Adolf Hitler’s German invaded Poland and the Allies of Britain and France declared war on Germany. The Second World War had started but the war was turning against the Allies and consequently Italy and Japan joined Germany in war against the Allies. The Soviet Union joined the war later on the side of the Allies.
    Dozens of cities were bombarded and the civilians were in the front line of war. The war was horrible because so many millions of innocent civilians were killed, bombed in their home towns, miles behind the front line of war. People suffered even worse hardships owing to starvations and torments by the invaders. When the Japanese invaded the Asia, numerous civilians were tortured to death; even more women were literally raped and disgraced. In Germany, the prisoners of war were forced to work without enough food until they dropped down dead. The Soviet Union fought brutally and lost an unbelievable numbers of its people. The people died continuously due to invasions, starvations and homelessness. Thousands of spies died after they had been betrayed by their own people. These spies were caught and tortured cruelly by their enemies to reveal their secrets.
    New weapons were created in Second World War to win the war as quick as possible. In 1945, the United States dropped the most destructive bombs yet invented on the towns of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. The Atomic bombs killed 120,000 innocent lives and flattened the two towns in seconds. The Second World War ended 5 years and 40 millions corpses after it started.
    War brings out the worse side of many human beings. People would rather rob, kill and betray each other for their own sake than anything during wartimes. The real horror of a war is that so many people are prepared and trained to kill so many others in cold blood. The killers often show mercy to no one, not even an insensible baby, a screaming child, a weeping woman or a feeble old man. That’s what war can do to us.

    Tuesday, July 27, 2004
    I got a video clip from somone. I have watched the "first episode"...This one is the "second episode". The star for the "first episode" is an American; "second episode" is a Korean. Yes, that's it! They were the hostages captured by those boasty terrorists aka cowardly bastards. I watched the clip yesterday...when I was having my dinner... nothing special actually... just when they slaughtered the Korean's head...the blood was flowing out like the tomato sauce on your dining plate. Then they pulled out the Korean's head...all the blood vessels from the neck....like yummy beef spaghetti with tomato sauce... I tried to send to everyone but majority of them refused to accept my kind offer...sighhhh...

    If interested, please download it from my storage room!


    Friday, July 23, 2004
    Sometimes, I'm too aggressive... I think. What's now? I do not have anything to say... Things are still running on the same old path... Some even getting worse than before... There is nothing good to share about... That's life... a life of reality... How wide we dream not to awake from sweet dreams... without knowing that nightmares are on the way to haunt their preys again...

    Thursday, July 22, 2004
    Ahhhh...I'didnt go to school today. How nice... staying at home, doing my blog template...

    Sunday, July 18, 2004

    Everything is done... class webby done... PC reformatted... ermm...what else? Yeah, time to study hard... gonna push myself to the maximum speed now... 
    Yea, breaking news for FFF (Final Fantasy Fans)! 
    "Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children" gonna come out as CG movie soon! Wooowww... Final Fantasy VII is my ever favorite game...and it is going to be my favorite movie soon! Cloud, Sephiroth, Tifa, Aerith, Cid, Red XII and especially VINCENT VALENTINE are back for action! It is time to explain what happened to Vincent Valentine and his lover who has turned into an experimental creature, Jenova and defeated by Cloud. Touching love stories, eternal friendships, cool Sephiroth, "heart-toucher" Aerith, beautiful Tifa and chicken-haired Cloud... I can't wait for this movie... helppppp...  

    For more information bout Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children, please log on http://www.adventchildren.net/
    Final Fantasy Forever!
     I feel good... da-na-da-na-da-na-da...Like sugar and spice... da-na-da-na-da-na-da... Ouch... stupid tummy ache destroyed everything... 

    Sunday, July 11, 2004

    200 years ago, in the dominion of President Abraham Lincoln, a civil war happened in America. People died in their own land for their different determinations. The North wanted to free the black people; The South wanted the black people to die as slaves. An unwanted war happened and the God was with Abraham Lincoln... The black people freed from slavery, the statue of Liberty was built... and United States of America was created...
    200 years later, racism still lurking everywhere and haunting everyone. Christian is not an exception... it does happens in church. Frankly, my dad has a dislike of Indians and there are about 50 percent Indians in my church... Therefore he doesn't like my church... All the years round, I dislike this bad attitude of him. But who knows many people in my church were the same... "you stabbed my back, I stab you back"...and I just realized that I was being a fool to believe what I believed... The unity and equality between races is a dream beyond the impossible matter...

    Monday, July 05, 2004

    I'm back! Vincent Online... Blogging control online.
    Saturday 26th June 2004
    Someone in my church was leaving to England. The youth had a farewell party for him; I didn't show up that day.
    I don't want to see something I don't want to see
    I don't want to hear something I don't want to hear
    I don't want to feel something I don't want to feel
    I'm running from something...

    Sunday 4th July 2004
    My best friend came and fixed my "wife", NMA87.
    He is really something... I was so glad that he lent me his hands...
    I can online! I can online!
    Back to work! My class webby...